Monday, September 01, 2008

Burningman 2008 - First Day/Night

Upon arrival at 4am, we set up our tent, unloaded the Great Grey Walrus (aka the rented Dodge Caravan), and managed to sleep for a few hours. We awoke when the heat in the tent became too much (par for the course) and managed to see the sky for a few moments before the first dust storm rolled into the city. So, we spent the day working on the Hookahdome infrastructure and getting the last bits of the dome ready for Burners to enjoy along with just trying to adjust to the desert. Finally, around dark the dust cleared and I got a couple of nice sunsetish pics. For the evening we all got a little crazy and partied in the Hookahdome. Talked to burners while keeping the hookahs going, watching the door, and chilled out on the pillows. During one particular bathroom break, Liz and I found the Red Eye Diner, a totally cool little 50s style diner that serves many different things on their menu (which are all actually grilled cheese). I think these pics are funny because it reminds me of the famous painting with the movie stars chilling at the diner.

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