Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Burningman 2008 - A Second Babylon Sunset

I didn't take any pictures on the next day, whatever day was "next". However, we went to the Tower of Babylon again for sunset, this time with a full crew. I managed to snag some cool pictures on the way to the tower and while up there. It really was the best spot for sunsets.

This is Black Rock City- it is huge, huger than ever before, I need to get better at reducing the variation across my pictures!

This is the Land Shark, it is a desert creature lurking in the depths of the playa. It only comes out once a year to hunt for miscreant Burners, and to mate with other Land Sharks.

This art car played the funniest lounge versions of pop songs like, I'm Blue, Common Baby Hit Me One More Time, and others. It was pretty ridiculous.

Sara was a Hookan from Canada who worked her ass of on hospitality.

There are beached whales on the playa, and the only thing to save Burners from the lurking land sharks.

A sand pixie.

The Fearless Fantastic Foursome.

See the land shark is after this unsuspecting burner. Poor fool.

Laughter is the key to a good life.

Awake and Party BRC!

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