Thursday, September 04, 2008

Burningman 2008 - Temple Set 1

Every year a group builds a temple made mostly of wood, and bits of this and that. It is a solemn place where people can say goodbye to loves lost, thank the gods for their good fortune, or just reflect on personal experiences. It is typically among the quieter places on the playa, I can't say I remember any art cars blasting tunes near the temple. People typically write to loved ones who have passed into the unknown ether and by leaving these messages to be burned on Sunday (the Sabbath), maybe hope that the messages will be heard. After this Temple post, I'm not going to add any more commentary, but would rather let the little bits of writing I've captured speak for themselves.

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Lady*miss said...

Beautiful and captivating shots! You've got quite an eye! Lovely to meet you at the Hookah Dome. Hope the rest of your week was amazing. You going to the Decomp in SF? Love to connect with you guys there!

dj lady*miss*athena