Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Jesse on the KQED Radio

Holy crap, I was on the radio. Michael Krasny has a radio show on KQED called Forum, and today they were talking about how the budget impass in CA has ended (though not really if you ask me). I called in to say I had an idea of how to fix this, basically dock the legislature their pay for every day over the deadline. Anyway, if you want to hear it, here is the link. UPDATE: Liz said I'm somewhere between 30-40mins. 

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Matt Fate said...

That is awesome you made it on air!

Unfortunately, wouldn't the legislature have to pass a bill to make that happen? And can you imagine any politician voting for a measure to dock their own pay or penalize themselves in any way? Didn't they actually just recently give themselves raises?

The other option would be a measure on the ballot; if that were going to be the case, I'd propose 10 lashes (bladed flail, think Passion of the Christ) per day instead of docked pay. Most of them are already rich anyways, but I'd bet every last one is a pussy when it comes to pain and disfigurement. I mean, that's why they got cushy gov't jobs and aren't serving the public by joining the military instead, right?