Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Utopic vs. Real World Systems

So Dave and I had been having a discussion about why people play the Game. He pretty much said that while it is a flawed system it does accomplish some hefty goals; namely helping girls to weed out the bad apples. So I thought about this and compared it w/ my own ideals (Utopic) to see what the differences are. Here's a copy of the email:

So I've been thinking more about our conversation last night and I've come to the conclusion that neither the Utopic System (US) that I want the world to use, nor the Real World System (RWS) are very good at protecting females from bad guys. The only differences are who they get fucked by in the end (fucked meaning royally, not just physically) and how many times they get fucked.

First off, an Asshole is defined as someone who is willing to take advantage of a person for any reason. This could be taking advantage of their trust, kindness, or love. It can be manipulating them for your own reasons. It can be many different things which all really add up to 'immoral'. So I guess an Asshole is someone who is willing to use someone for the own goals without considering the goals of the other person. (Kant's definition of immorality btw).

Secondly, US is a system where people don't play societal games and just accept each other at face value for who they are. There is no threating behavior to consider, no lying, or deception. You get what you see, and that is it. Take it or leave it. The RWS is a system that works on the principle of filtration of the sheer number of potential mates through a series of checks. These checks take the form of acceptance/denial behaviors on part of the female with respect to a particular action/verbalization by the male.

The US clearly has the Bad Apple Problem (BAP) that you pointed out last night. So I asked the question of type of Asshole that will be doing the fucking? Seems to me the Assholes who are willing to take advantage of a Good system for their own evil reasons. Since there is no real check involved, these guys can streak through and into a girl's heart where they can systematically destroy the person for the own sick reasons. How many times would they get fucked? Probably a lot considering the sheer number of total assholes in the world who would be more than willing to take advantage of an honest open system like this...

The RWS has the Player Problem (PP), this being that all an Asshole's gotta do is become a master of the RWS. This is in opposition to the previous system where the Asshole crossed the line by breaking the rules of the US. An Asshole can still play within the framework of the RWS, obey every fiteration criteria, and still never gravitate beyond Asshole. However, the moment a person breaks the rules incorporated in the US, they then become an Asshole at that moment. Furthermore, the filtration system can in inadvertently rule out possible quality mates (false negatives), as well as pick an Asshole who is a Player (false positives). Interestingly, Players are using the faith that women have in the RWS against them.

Finally we arrive at the crux of the reason that the RWS has been employed by females for so many years, and continues to be implemented today, what kind of Assholes are doing the fucking? Well here you have someone who has played by all the rules that were established and agreed upon, so at the end of the day, he can walk away saying, "You can call me an Asshole if you want, but just remember that you are the Retard who chose this Asshole." So, at least you aren't ending up with someone who blatantly broke the rules of the system to become an Asshole, you are only ending up with someone who was able to dupe you instead. The other, arguably, more important aspect is the sheer number of Assholes you'd sleep with is dramatically lower using a filtration system like RWS.

I think that the interesting thing about this dialog is the fact that both systems really do hinge on a woman's individual ability to judge a person's character. Using the US, the woman has to analyze based upon her own instincts alone, whether the guy is a BAP or not. Using the RWS, the woman has to use her instincts to decide if the guy is a PP or not. However, the fact that the sheer number of times that you are likely to get fucked, regardless of your own capacity as a judge of character is probably much lower if one employs the RWS.

The acronyms are for you Dave.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Healing Power of Dogs

Ok, so most of you know that I'm a dog lover, and I go as far to say that we have a particular kinship. Here is an article from the NYTimes website that talks about some studies that have shown how dogs help your health in all sorts of interesting ways. Link

Most notably is the part where there talk about a 2006 study showing that dogs can smell out cancer patients.

"More recently, some studies have suggested dogs can be cancer detectors. In 2006, the medical journal Integrative Cancer Therapies reported how ordinary house dogs could identify breast and lung cancer patients by smelling their breath. A University of Maine study is testing whether dogs can sniff out ovarian cancer."

Ummm, and how do you think the dogs going to 'sniff out' that ovarian cancer? I'm guessing that those lucky animals are going to be smelling ladies crotches for ovarian cancer. You mean to tell me that these dogs are going to be not only allowed, but encouraged to stick their noses in peoples crotches? I'm sorry but that is just TOO funny! =)