Tuesday, December 27, 2005

So I'm up late, sitting on my ass playing with the editing pics. Which is the best?

querulous \KWER-uh-luhs; -yuh\, adjective:
1. Apt to find fault; habitually complaining.
2. Expressing complaint; fretful; whining.

Good word.

Saturday, December 24, 2005

So icicles are cool. Even the name is cool, I mean seriously icicles, mmmm. Makes me think of nipples.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

So here's a picture from the plane, can you believe how much that lights up the clouds!
Yosemite 4

So I just thought I'd include the final pics.
Took this at the entrance to the park, we know those peaks, thought they'd look cool fuzzy.

So I thought this was a pretty funny picture, but this is the mirror lake hike we did the first day we got there. Felt good. God damn Dave, that polarizer makes the picture.
Here's a picture of me at the Lower Yosemite Falls, thought the rainbow over my head was cool. Thanks Dave, this turned out nice.
So this is similar to Dave's picture, and might be his, but damn its beautiful.
So funny thing about this picture, this bro was walkin behind me, and he said, man looks like someone's hot boxin over there, I started laughing, and he's like my brotha knows what I'm talkin bout.
Sweet! At first I thought that it was a snow puff, but it kept getting bigger.

Friday, December 16, 2005

Yosemite 3
Ok so we woke up this morning and took some early pics. We happened to be in the shade, so everything was frozen, so I decided to start playing with my macro mode stuff.
Frost on the grass and railing were forming really interesting crystals. You can see the column crystals that have formed.
Some vegitation frozen with the mountians fuzzy in the background.
Ok so these deer are really cocky. They would seriously walk right by you without blinking an eye. We had to get off the trail a couple of times, I mean this old boy was a ten point with a nice spread.

Ok so we hung out at Yosemite Falls for most of the day. It was beautiful, and at this angle we had this sweet rainbow right at the bottom. I also thought I take the opportunity show off the zoom.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Yosemite 2
So here's some more pics from Yosemite, I think I've got one or two more sets left in me, hope they aren't boring ya'll, but it's just so damn beautiful!
So this is a pic is of a craggy bit of rock on the side of Half-Dome, looks super cool close up, how the hell do these little columns stay up?
So there was snow above say 7500 ft or so. This pic is of the top of Half-Dome, where the wind was whipping up the snow in puffs.

Another Mirror Lake pic, sunset style.
Water on rocks! I love these pics, they are just so much damn fun.
So I'm not sure what mountian this is, but it's a night pic that's ok, but nothing special really.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Yosemite #1
Ha, I've finally found a way to get the title up here efficiently! So Lizzard showed me how to do it, but that only works on higher res screens, and since I have a kinda crappy laptop, I can't use the drag 'n drop method, so now I just go over to the Edit Html link, add in some text at the very top and voila! Thank god, this has seriously been pissing me off!~

Now for the good stuff: Yosemite pics set #1
So this first pic is of the Don Pedro Resevoir in the early morning. I like this pic because it reminds me of what I think Ireland would look like, but I wouldn't know since I have never been there...it was pretty but very hard to get anything descent because of the crappy air.
The next morning in Yosemite, around the time when the sun broke over the valley walls. This is a pic of the Lower Yosemite falls. I think its cool how you can see the shadow of the falls because the sun is so low.
Same photo spot, but facing the sun. The rays were making crepuscular rays because the sun was melting and boiling the water off of the ground, trees, and vegetation.
Ok so Dave has very very few addictions, but this is definately one of them. I've never known someone so in love with photography. There is literally (literally) 86 GB of data in this picture, of which 6 GB is removable! Can you believe it, he has 6GB of information capacity in his hands!
This is on the way to our first descent hike, a nice little 8 mile hike with a good 4 mi of steep elevation gain/loss. There is a beautiful lake called Mirror Lake on the northern fork of the Yosemite Valley. You can see why it gets its name.

Our chillin lunch spot had a great view of Half-Dome and the snow covered ridge. This little pine is hanging on to some granite, the lonely defender.

Ahh Michigan! The place the sun forgot. The land where people are grumpy, it's fucking cold as a witch's tit, and your own life always seems better while you're here. I've been trying to catch up on my blogging. I haven't done a Robbins quote of the week in forever. First off, from like 2 weeks ago a have a couple of sunset shots taken at Twin Lakes beach in SC. Which one do you like better. I personally think the moon makes the first picture, but Davey is in the second one...you decide.
Ok so I thought I'd put in a little comic from Calvin and Hobbes.

Monday, December 05, 2005

Earlier this week...
Liz, Dave and I went down to BIg Sur, definately one of the prettiest stretches of highway in the US. Jagged coastline with huge vistas and overlooks. We mangaged to catch an amazing sunset on the way home. Also the whole area was kinda foggy, which I've never seen because its usually windy.
Look familiar? I posted a dawn pic of this on the Sykes blog. Today it was shrouded in fog. It looked very errie, like it was haunted.
Ahh coastline! Also playing with white balance.
Sunset above the clouds, or is it fog?
Nice and pink.
Weird fuzzy cloud.

Catching the last beam of the day.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Big Basin is a very interesting place with lots of water. We came into the park in a misty rain, and left in relative sunshine. It was a lot of fun with alot of fun-gis. Dave and Lizzzzzzard are great! Although, gotta admit a little discustingly too cute of a couple, barf!

This was an emense mushroom probably the size of a person's head, maybe a little bit bigger. This was in the morning at the start of the hike.
Here's Liz at the top of the ridge overlooking the valley and ocean below. In the distance is Wadell Creek beach. A little to the right is another valley with another view to the ocean. This is where we spent the better part of the day.
Here's the awesome mushroom again, I posted it twice because it was just so damn cool, huge and colorful.
Another cool water picture. Just too much fun to not take a couple pics. Finally, upon exiting the trail, we were greeted by this nice big tree with lichen all over it. Red filters make the sky dark in black and whites.

So this Thanksgiving was speant with a group of fire spinners! That's their common bond, but are all pretty damn cool independently. We went to this amazing house just north of SF in Napa. There was a huge spread, and pleanty of wine. After dinner they all started playing with fire.
This was a little outdoor copper fire pit. As it heated up, it made this ver interesting diffraction interference pattern on it. Basically, it looked like an oil slick does, except the line of color was moving around the surface as it heated up.
Roger spinning.

This young lady was using a hoola-hoop with wires extending out off of the outer part of the hoop, which then had wire on it. I like this picture mostly because the flash caught a crazy looking pattern on the back wall. That's the convection currents from the hot burning poi!

Dave and Liz are in town, which as been fucking sweet. Tonight my computer totally had a major brain fart with both of my assignments on it, then decided to work again only after I RE-did both of my assinments at break neck speed. Thanks you piece of shit, thanks alot (it sits there laughing at me).