Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Yosemite 2
So here's some more pics from Yosemite, I think I've got one or two more sets left in me, hope they aren't boring ya'll, but it's just so damn beautiful!
So this is a pic is of a craggy bit of rock on the side of Half-Dome, looks super cool close up, how the hell do these little columns stay up?
So there was snow above say 7500 ft or so. This pic is of the top of Half-Dome, where the wind was whipping up the snow in puffs.

Another Mirror Lake pic, sunset style.
Water on rocks! I love these pics, they are just so much damn fun.
So I'm not sure what mountian this is, but it's a night pic that's ok, but nothing special really.


Liz said...

I really like the blowing snow pic

Jesse said...

Thanks Lizzard! I thought it looked pretty neat, I was hoping for a sun going down, mountian on fire pinky pic, but its kinda hard because of the drastic contrast. (neehaayyvvid)

Liz said...


Dave got his gradient filters yesterday!