Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Yosemite #1
Ha, I've finally found a way to get the title up here efficiently! So Lizzard showed me how to do it, but that only works on higher res screens, and since I have a kinda crappy laptop, I can't use the drag 'n drop method, so now I just go over to the Edit Html link, add in some text at the very top and voila! Thank god, this has seriously been pissing me off!~

Now for the good stuff: Yosemite pics set #1
So this first pic is of the Don Pedro Resevoir in the early morning. I like this pic because it reminds me of what I think Ireland would look like, but I wouldn't know since I have never been there...it was pretty but very hard to get anything descent because of the crappy air.
The next morning in Yosemite, around the time when the sun broke over the valley walls. This is a pic of the Lower Yosemite falls. I think its cool how you can see the shadow of the falls because the sun is so low.
Same photo spot, but facing the sun. The rays were making crepuscular rays because the sun was melting and boiling the water off of the ground, trees, and vegetation.
Ok so Dave has very very few addictions, but this is definately one of them. I've never known someone so in love with photography. There is literally (literally) 86 GB of data in this picture, of which 6 GB is removable! Can you believe it, he has 6GB of information capacity in his hands!
This is on the way to our first descent hike, a nice little 8 mile hike with a good 4 mi of steep elevation gain/loss. There is a beautiful lake called Mirror Lake on the northern fork of the Yosemite Valley. You can see why it gets its name.

Our chillin lunch spot had a great view of Half-Dome and the snow covered ridge. This little pine is hanging on to some granite, the lonely defender.


Liz said...

Only Dave would bring a computer camping and actually NEED it cause of all the pics he takes. good grief =)

So does anyone else try and pronounce the word verification while they type it in? Just curious... mine's something like cram a kaps.. not very interesting this time.

So can you tell I have nothing to do today at work?

Liz said...

Oh yeah! Awesome pics jesse! I got distracted by the jumbled letters and forgot what I was talking about.

Anonymous said...

Holy shit Jesse Mirror Lake is fucking gorgeous. Excuse my language here.


geekedout said...

i'm addicted to data, what can i say.... i have to steal that one and post it. hot-damn.

yuks-jim is the word-ver. not terribly exciting either.