Thursday, December 01, 2005

So this Thanksgiving was speant with a group of fire spinners! That's their common bond, but are all pretty damn cool independently. We went to this amazing house just north of SF in Napa. There was a huge spread, and pleanty of wine. After dinner they all started playing with fire.
This was a little outdoor copper fire pit. As it heated up, it made this ver interesting diffraction interference pattern on it. Basically, it looked like an oil slick does, except the line of color was moving around the surface as it heated up.
Roger spinning.

This young lady was using a hoola-hoop with wires extending out off of the outer part of the hoop, which then had wire on it. I like this picture mostly because the flash caught a crazy looking pattern on the back wall. That's the convection currents from the hot burning poi!

Dave and Liz are in town, which as been fucking sweet. Tonight my computer totally had a major brain fart with both of my assignments on it, then decided to work again only after I RE-did both of my assinments at break neck speed. Thanks you piece of shit, thanks alot (it sits there laughing at me).

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