Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Hey guys, thought this would be funny:

Santa Cruz 10-Day Forecast

Metamora, MI 10-Day Forecast


Also, looks like we're gonna get 60s during the day, and low 50s/high 40s at night! Good camping weather in my opinion.


Anonymous said...

Oh you poor thing you.

geekedout said...

suckers! all of em!! ;) usually nov-march most people start their phone calls with 'how's life in paradise you bastard?' i'll admit there are a few moments where i miss the seasons, but then i remember the 8 months of dark, cloudy, cold, wet, stuck-inside, getting-fat, have-to-pay-to-do-anything, half-alive shitty evilness that the midwest becomes..... i'm never going back!!!!