Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Hello everyone *ouch. So I got a Bianchi road bike today. Its in pretty good shape, little rust here and there, but otherwise functioning nicely *ouch. So this particular bike has clip-ins, which if you don't know fix your foot to the pedal *ouch. Problem is that you have to "clip out" when you come to a stop, which isn't a big deal, *ouch unless you've never ridden with clip-ins before. So I'm riding up to campus today, pull up to a red light, and just as I lose my momentum, I think to myself, "Oh shit, I didn't clip-out" and about that time, I fall right over, in the middle of the street *ouch laughing my ass off thinking about how fucking stupid that must have looked. So my wrist got a little banged up, as well as *ouch my knee, but otherwise I'm no worse for wear. I'll post some pics of the bike later.

Update: *ouch-So you know how you're supposed to ice and injury...well no one said anything about liquid nitrogen... hehe so I'm in my lab,and when you play with stuff that's 77 degrees above the temperature at which atoms stop moving, you gotta respect it, but oh no not me. I've dipped my hand in, I've scooped some up and tossed it across the room, etc. Today I realized that the cool N2 gas that keeps coming off would make my wrist feel better, and oh boy did it!

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