Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Queen of the Bean (in honor of "the Bean")

" 'The bean! The bean! The bean! The bean!,' they cried, men and women together, and the villagers advanced on him, slapping his back, mussing his hair, hugging him, and squeezing his private parts...Alobar was led to the throne and made to sit on it, whereupon, admist a deafening cacophony of whoops and hollers, bell laughs and sniggers, puposeful belches and equally intentional farts, a lopsided crown of mistletoe was laid atop his head...he thought, Well if they desire a king how fitting it be me...They wish a monarh, do they? Little do they realize that their bean, in its vegetable wisdom, has selected the one man suited for the job. Haw haw." --Jitterbug Perfume (Only good King of the Bean quote)


Claire said...

Ummm, I dont really know how to take this story. But Today I'm feeling like an optimist. It's nice that you were thinking of me (right? I'm I crazy?).


Jesse said...

Oh I just thought it would be fun to have a king of the bean quote. Hope you liked it. Besides how could that be taken wrong?