Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Hey guys, thought this would be funny:

Santa Cruz 10-Day Forecast

Metamora, MI 10-Day Forecast


Also, looks like we're gonna get 60s during the day, and low 50s/high 40s at night! Good camping weather in my opinion.

Monday, November 21, 2005

Hey everyone, this weekend I went up to SF for a "little" party. First, we met this super cool, super cute puppy dog named Diego. He was seriously one of the coolest pups I've ever met. I just had to include his pic.
This is a picture of the dance floor. There's a couple of belly dancers in the middle of the semi-circle. Sorry for the blurryness, but it give you a sense of the feel/vibe of the place, and flashes suck.

This is the chill space/hooka room. Bunch of matresses, futons, pillows, cushions, etc. This is where my evening ended up! Fun times around fun people who understand...

Friday, November 18, 2005

Tom Robbins quote of the week:
"There is lovemaking that is bad for a person, just as there is eating that is bad. That boysenberry cream pie from Thrift-E-Mart may appear inviting, may, in fact, cause all nine hundred taste buds to carol from the tongue, but in the end, the sugars, the additives, the empty calories clog arteries, disrupt cells, generate fat, and rot teeth. Even potentialy nourishing foods can be improperly prepared. There are wrong combinations and improper preparations in sex as well. Yes, on must prepare for a fuck- the way an enlightened priest prepares to celebrate mass, the way a great matador prepares for the ring: with intensification, with purification, with a conscious summoning of sacred power. And even that won't work if the ingredients are poorly matched: oyster are delectable, so are strawberries, but massed together...(?!) Every nutritious sexual recipe calls for at least a pince of love, and the fucks that rate four-star rankings from both gourmets and health-food nuts use cupfuls. Not that sex shouldbe reguarded as therepeutic or to be taken for medical purposes- only a dullard would hang such a millstone aroudn the nibbled neck of a lay- but to approach sex carelessly, shallowly, with detachment and w/o warmth is to dine night after night in erotic greasy spoons. In time, one's palate will become insensitive, one will suffer (without knowing it) emotional malnutrition, the skin of the soul will fester with scurvy, the teeth of the heart will decay. Neither duration nor proclamation of commitment is necessarily the measure- there are ephemeral explosions of passion between strangers that make more erotic sense than many lengthly marriages, there are one-night stands in Jersey City more glorious than six-month affairs in Paris- but finally there is a commitment, however breif; a purity, however threatened; a vulnerability, however concealed; a generocity of spirit; however marbled with need; an honest caring, however singed by lust, that must be present if couplings are to be salubrious and not slow poison." --Still Life with Woodpeker

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

W. Cliff at night. Moon gibbious. Shutter 8s. Good stuff. Nuf said.

Monday, November 14, 2005

Sunsetting over this end of the earth.
Ceraphs on top of this huge vase.
Liquid or solid? Water or metal?
Cool textures on all of the bronze/copper walls.
Cool museum architecture, this is a free overhang-no outer load bearing walls.
Satyr- my hero.
Need I say more?

Hey everyone! Had a good weekend, went to Sara's B-day party and ate a bunch of good food, then on Sunday, Matt and I went to San Francisco, and walked around the park. Unfortunatly, I left my camera on 400 ISO, and my pics are all grainy...booo.

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Testing to see if a *.gif will show up animated.
If this doesn't, go check out the astronomy picture of the day. APOD for 11/13/05.
Ok so the test failed, now I'm gonna try linking it from APOD itself.

Saturday, November 12, 2005

So there's this huge spider living just outside my kitchen window. We see it everyday when we eat bc it's right by the table. I finally got a picture of it. Anybody know what kind it is? Also, it was a beautiful day today: 60s and sunny. Yosemite got more snow this week. Should be white above 7-8k-ft.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Tom Robbins quote of the Week:

"No chance in hell, pal. But I appreciate the chat. Tell the senorita I'll dream about her for the rest of my life. And hang in there, Pot. Ain't nothing to lose but our winnings, and only the winners are lost." -Switters in Fierce Invalids Home from Hot Climates

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Queen of the Bean (in honor of "the Bean")

" 'The bean! The bean! The bean! The bean!,' they cried, men and women together, and the villagers advanced on him, slapping his back, mussing his hair, hugging him, and squeezing his private parts...Alobar was led to the throne and made to sit on it, whereupon, admist a deafening cacophony of whoops and hollers, bell laughs and sniggers, puposeful belches and equally intentional farts, a lopsided crown of mistletoe was laid atop his head...he thought, Well if they desire a king how fitting it be me...They wish a monarh, do they? Little do they realize that their bean, in its vegetable wisdom, has selected the one man suited for the job. Haw haw." --Jitterbug Perfume (Only good King of the Bean quote)

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Hello everyone *ouch. So I got a Bianchi road bike today. Its in pretty good shape, little rust here and there, but otherwise functioning nicely *ouch. So this particular bike has clip-ins, which if you don't know fix your foot to the pedal *ouch. Problem is that you have to "clip out" when you come to a stop, which isn't a big deal, *ouch unless you've never ridden with clip-ins before. So I'm riding up to campus today, pull up to a red light, and just as I lose my momentum, I think to myself, "Oh shit, I didn't clip-out" and about that time, I fall right over, in the middle of the street *ouch laughing my ass off thinking about how fucking stupid that must have looked. So my wrist got a little banged up, as well as *ouch my knee, but otherwise I'm no worse for wear. I'll post some pics of the bike later.

Update: *ouch-So you know how you're supposed to ice and injury...well no one said anything about liquid nitrogen... hehe so I'm in my lab,and when you play with stuff that's 77 degrees above the temperature at which atoms stop moving, you gotta respect it, but oh no not me. I've dipped my hand in, I've scooped some up and tossed it across the room, etc. Today I realized that the cool N2 gas that keeps coming off would make my wrist feel better, and oh boy did it!