Monday, September 15, 2008

Burningman 2008 - Color on Black and White

Here is a color on black and white set.  Please try to let me know which of these are your four favorites. I plan to print them and frame them. I know some of these are repeats, but I've enjoyed them so much that I wanted to make one post just for the color on bw. 

UPDATE: I had to go with all landscapes because of the frames available. So I made that blurry wings picture into a color on bw and it turned out pretty nice. The framed images look cool, went with the shark, the mantis, the bummer, and the lady in the wings. I'm going to frame the guy with the umbrella seperate cause I like him so much. 


anne said...

love love love the umbrella one!

brian harrington said...

i second plus one dude

Matt Fate said...

I dig the praying mantis.