Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Neil Gaiman Quote

I have finally decided to give Illuminatus! a break. Slogging through mostly stream of consciousness writing can get to be teadious to say the least, and I thought that my the voracious reader in me needed some red meat, so I decided to pick up the Neil Gaiman book Anansi Boys up off my shelf and give it a read. Excellent writing, I highly recommend this book, and I'll let you know about other Gaiman books, but from what Jeff says, they are all well written. Very easy read, but good style:

"Like all sentient beings, Fat Charlie had a weirdness quotient. For some days the needle had been over in the red, occasionally banging jerkily against the pin. Now the meter broke. From this moment on, he suspected, nothing would suprise him. He could no longer be out-weirded. He was done."

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anne said...

dude, new book for you to read: Interpreter of Maladies by Jhumpa Lahiri. Good fodder for discussions, and it has beautiful descriptions of people zipping and unzipping with each other (to use one of Liz's expressions!!) I think you'd really like it!

Sweet blog post, by the way, I've loved all your Burning Man stuff.