Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Burningman 2008 - And Later that Same Day...

After the Tower, we went back to Hookahdome to get ready for the night. After having a good laugh seeing the guys all decked out for a Thunderdome match, we went into the dome to hear one of the most beautiful things to ever grace these 27 year old ears. Meet Matthew Schoening everyone, and remember that name. He has an electric cello that he plays with a looping box. He takes beats that he makes with the cello and the layers other rhythms and percussion and and and on top of layer layer layer. It is incredible, and I cannot wait to hear him play live again. AMAZING!

I'd like to point out the sparks from someone walking across the dome with a newly lit coal for a hookah.

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Liz said...

electric cello sounds pretty amazing!