Sunday, September 21, 2008

Burningman 2008 - The End (Wrap Up)

A high school friend asked me what the whole Burningman thing was about, and I replied, off the cuff-

"Burningman is hard to describe without a bunch of people who have been telling you about their experiences. Basically it is a hippy pagan festival of life that ends in the burning of an effigy called The Man. It is amazing, incredible, and life changing. I recommend that anyone who can go, does, before it is something that people ask you, "Did you go to Burningman" when you are 40."

I am happy to say that I have been to Burningman, and I plan to return. I have gotten much from Burningman, and I find that each time, it sorta sticks with you, like a residue, that permeates your soul and infests your mind. I'm a bit goofier, ready to laugh, joke around, and carefree. There is something to be appreciated to the cultural movements that occur within our society- if nothing else they give people hope for the future. 

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