Sunday, August 31, 2008

Burningman 2008- Casting

This year I got to go to Burningman for vacation. It was amazing. I met some really special people, and had a chance to party hard with my best friends Nick, Dave, and Brian. Here you will find the cast of characters of this particular tale:

This is Dave Harrington- aka Super Dave from Hawaii- he had a great time, and I see him returning if not next year, some year very soon.

Brian Harrington, brother of Dave Harrington, constantly joking and being silly, aka Harry Henderson

Nick Panza, my best friend from Seattle. He had a good time, but said he wouldn't be returning, which makes me very sad, aka Oso Hombre or Oso for short.

Liz Dembski, lots of laughs, lots of fun, and I'm falling for her for sure. Very awesome, the two of us just click into place- more on this later, aka Queen Elizabeth, Lady Liz, or Fluffy.

Ray is one of the goofiest dudes I've ever met. His laugh is to die for, and when Brian and Ray are in the same room, it is like watching a tennis match of hilarity.

Angie of the Twins, aka not Fluffy. Very sweet chica whom is dating Ray and was tons of fun to hangout with during the many hours.

Michelle of the Twins, aka Fluffy. Great chica, and cannot wait to hang out with her again.

Nick and Liz at the Temple during sunset.

The Two Harringtons enjoying a sunset with the shadow of Babel in the back.

Picture of me beneath an American flag.

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