Sunday, November 30, 2008

San Francisco Zoo - Dad's Visit

My Dad and his family decided to do a road trip from El Paso (El Paaa'hso) Texas to San Francisco to come and see me. They ended up being able to stay for Thanksgiving (post up coming). 
These guys were playing for like 20 minutes. I know it is a bit blurry but I thought that it really captured the play. I like how the bottom guy's face is kinda sharp. 
This guy was about to fall asleep standing on one leg.
I just think this guy looks kinda funny passed out in the sun. 
This is Lonigan, the youngest of my Dad's brood. He is a ham, and hams get their pictures taken. He is a pretty funny little guy with a ton of spunk. 
These apes really make me sad. You can really feel their frusteration at the walls and confinement. I wish they could get a chance to be out in the jungle before they die. 

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Sara said...

I always liked cats best because I think their eyes never lose the wild look whether they are tigers or domesticated pets.