Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Milan Kundera - The Unbearable Lightness of Being

This is a damn good character book. Unfortunately that is ALL that it is, a character book. I love good character development, but DAMN, does this guy take it to a new level. It is like these characters are intimate personal lovers of the author. I just hope that something happens in this story besides romance and lovey-dovey shit. I like lovey-dovey shit as long as it is in the context of a larger story line.

Anyway, I wanted to share this all too appropriate quote from this book (which is packed full of good quotes and you'll be seeing more) about parades, marches, and the changing of the guard:

"When she told her French friends about it, they were amazed. "You mean you don't want to fight the occupation of your country?" She would have liked to tell them that behind Communism, Fascism, behind all the occupations and invasions was a parade of people marching by with raised fists and shouting identical syllables in unison. But she knew she would never be able to make them understand. Embarrassed, she changed the subject."


anne said...

oh just wait... the lovey-dovey stuff remains (and gets weird), but amid the subtext and in-between-the-lines lies some of the most interesting nuggets of wisdom and observation ever there was. I'M SO GLAD YOU'RE READING THIS BOOK!!

Jesse said...

Oh yes!

The nuggets are the best part of the book, and I do enjoy the lovey-dovey stuff, I am nothing if not a romantic. I just find it to be a bit much sometimes. I can only read it in spurts, whole sessions make my soap opera bone start to ache! It is a seriously good book with amazing relationship insights. Highly recommended.