Thursday, November 06, 2008

Prop 8 - Passes and Gay Rights Get a Setback

Looks like the big turnout of black and latino voters tipped the scales on Prop 8 at the cost of the homosexual community. According to this SFGate article, 70% of blacks and 50% of latino voters were in favor of the constitutional ammendment against the supreme court decision from May. The pass of Prop. 8 really suprised me. Why do people care so much? 

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Matt Fate said...

My sister sent me this email, which is an interesting idea - I love the frustration that this will probably cause the Mormon President (P.S. WHY, exactly, is Utah involved in determining the contents of the California constitution, by the way??) and the irony of undoing the damage in his name; like kinder, better people are trying to save his "soul" cause he can't do it himself.

I picture this look on his face when he gets a bunch of these post cards:


Maybe some of your readers would be interested too:

Let's Invalidate Prop 8!!!

Send a message to the Mormon Church, whose members raised more than $15 million to fund the deceitful advertising campaign for Proposition 8, the initiative that takes away the right to marry for same sex couples in California!

Make a donation, in the name of the president of the Mormon Church, to support the legal organizations working to invalidate Proposition 8 and to fund grass-roots activities in support of full marriage equality. For every donation of $5 or more, the L.A. Gay & Lesbian Center will send the following postcard to President Thomas Monson’s office in Salt Lake City, acknowledging your donation in his name:

Dear President Monson:

A donation has been made in your name by _________________ to “invalidateprop8. org” to overturn California's Proposition 8 and restore fundamental civil rights to all citizens of California. The money will be donated to legal organizations fighting the case and to support grass-roots activities in support of full marriage equality. Although we decry the reprehensible role the Church of Latter Day Saints leadership played in denying all Californians equal rights under the law, we are pleased a donation has been made on your behalf in the effort to overturn the discrimination your church members helped enshrine in the California Constitution. Given that throughout its history the Mormon Church has been subjected to bigotry, we hope you appreciate the donation in your name to fight religious bigotry here in California.

Let’s work to overturn Prop.8 while sending a message to the Mormon Church that it’s wrong for any organization to exert political influence to deny the civil rights of any group!