Monday, November 24, 2008

The 500th Post!

That's right, 500 posts thus far on this blog in just over 3 years. Most of these have been in the last year, as my photo taking has escalated, as well the number of websites I'm currently plugged in to on a daily basis has grown, I have gotten more active on this blog. I hope you all out there have enjoyed what I have posted, and plan to continue to post in this public forum. In honor of this occasion, I have decided to overhaul the look, format, and style that is posted here on Guz's World. This site will be dedicated to pictures, politics, and philosophy- sorta typical of what has been here thus far. Basically this site will be reserved for writing my thoughts, while using visual images to string the thoughts together (or the narrative will be there to explain the pictures). The difference is there will be no more posts of simply images, with no text, in a big post-gasm.

Those kinds of posts will be reserved for a new blog that I am starting, Guz's Photo Blog- simple name, but to the point I think. It will have a seperate different layout and style. I don't know that I will do the multiple image sets though, I haven't made up my mind. I'd appreciate some input- do you like the 3-5 image sets, or would you maybe rather a picture per day, one picture per post. Even though it will be very hard for me to choose, I would be doing some serious filtering of my pictures, only publishing the very best cream of the crop. Thoughts? Also, would you prefer no text, or just maybe a single line of text, like a caption in a magazine? Remember there will be overlap between the two blogs, and from any given set, I will probably post more pictures here, than over there, only here there will be a dialogue explaining what was going on with me during the photo taking. Thoughts, opinions, or comments on this?

Well, anyway, I have really enjoyed the whole blogging experience as a medium of expression, and I hope that I can keep it up, because I'd really like to look back years from now on these first few years with some kind of sentimentality. Thanks for visiting!



Jeff said...

I like the idea of adding short captions to your new photos, gives us an idea of where you're coming from. And maybe a line or two on how the photo was taken, unless, like a magician, you'd rather not give away the trick.

geekedout said...

I like the one liner idea. Kind of like the artistic albums you see after big events. Pictures with a single line and your mind fills in the rest of the detail. You said you want to do the talking here, so maybe the photo blog should just be that - an artistic page with almost no text. Jeff's idea about the photo-details might be nice. Like a tag...

Nice redo man. Way to go!