Saturday, November 08, 2008

City Super Sprint

Liz and I did a "City Super Sprint" which is a 1/4  Olympic triathalon. We went to the pool just down Bernal Hill and swam 400m. Then we dried off, got on the bikes and rode to Golden Gate Park. We had a nice little hill climb up Sanchez, but nothing to extreme or nearly as extreme as other areas in the city (ie Bernal Hill). In the park we did a 2 mi run around Stow Lake. This was my first attemt at something like this, and it was more tiring than I thought it would be and my theighs are kinda sore. I think if I could work hard on the swimming I could do a "Sprint" (1/2 Olymic triathalon), but the open ocean events around here make me nervous. 


Sara said...

Good for you! I always wanted to do this, but have to learn to swim first! How were your transition times? Did you have to eat anything to keep up your energy?

Jesse said...

Oh we took our time. I just wanted to do each thing in succession in you know like half a day. We took a shower after the pool got dressed, etc. No rush and I wasn't timing it. I'm really only interested in completing a full one as a goal right now. Times may come later, but I don't think I'm built for competitive stuff. Really long tall athletic dudes will always have an advantage over me. The city makes the whole bike kinda choppy, and when we got to the park we had to find a place for the bikes, change shoes etc.

However, I was thinking that an allycathalon would be kinda interesting. Allycat events are a biking race with no organization (ie road closures) and people just race from A to B in whatever way possible. So with this you'd need a little organization, like with the pool/ocean and the bikes, and a set bike rack for everyone to start their run. Maybe some peeps to watch gear, have water etc. But I think it would be a ton of fun and interesting to see. Do you go over the hill and take the shortest route, or do you go around but faster...?

Sara said...

They have some urban adventure races... Heres a link for a Detroit one so you can see what's included, but I'm sure there are some in your area.