Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Internet Patched

I cannot say that a 12ft USB extension cord going into the ventilation duct is a "fix" so I can only call it a patch at best. The good news is that I'm finally getting usable internet speeds doing this, and can get a bit more up to date here, and finally download crap. Geeze. Not having a solid dependable internet connection really made me realize how much our society is becoming dependent on the world wide web. I honestly think that it has become very utility-esque, as in water, electricity, heat, internet. Weird to think that it has significance on par with the life fluid, warmth, and electron flow- but really I suppose it hasn't- it was the last thing I manged to straighten out. If the water were messed up- I think I'd probably skip work to get it fixed if need be. Heat can be covered by blankets as we all know, and I'm lucky in California. But MMmmmm, internet makes my brain get all warm and fuzzy.

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Matt Fate said...

I don't eat, drink, or sleep until my internet connection is up and running after a move.