Monday, December 01, 2008

Windows Live Writer Beta = Sexy

Ok yes I am a geek. We have all established that by now. This new program is to blogging what the pen is to writing. SO much easier I cannot believe it. Feels similar to Word but more broken down as the blogging atmosphere is more broken down to begin with. 

Windows Live Writer Beta3 

Here are the links to help peoples with getting at this software. Here is the MShit download site. I recommend you pay attention because they try to get you to change your browser settings halfway through. Here is a way to load it up onto a portable drive and run it from there as to not upset the authorities in whatever way that applies to your personal life =)

So that’s kind of nice,  you will be seeing a bit more personalization from me.


Anonymous said...

This is Mom,s test. Let us know if it works.

Anonymous said...

This is a test from me to you. I think I figured it out.