Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Bikes Could Change the World: Part 2 - The Natural World

In Michigan you can safely say that Winter has arrived when you have to defrost your windows before the morning commute. However, besides that and driving more carefully, little else changes in a person's daily habits as a result of changes in the weather. As the rain has begun to fall, I have had to start carrying rain gear with me, and wear that hot uncomfortable plastic while pumping away. Not that I exactly mind as it just creates another challenge. I have found that I tend to get more flats on rainy days, which makes me sad because flats suck, especially in the rain. Also, in the morning it is rather cold, say high 40s, low 50s, and I have to get all bundled up for the cold air down Bernal Hill. Finally, as a result of the shorter days, I have to wear lights after I leave work, and when I get off the train in San Francisco. 

My point is this all translates into a greater sense of the natural world around you. Is it sunny? Is it cold? Is it cloudy? Is it rainy? Is it warm? Will the sun be up? These are things I have to think about every day before and after I go to work. It demands my attention. I have found this healthy and appreciate being more aware, apart, and present in the outside world. 


Sara said...

I think the things you mention in the last paragraph sum up why I like to run outdoors all year, even in extreme cold. You start noticing the more subtle things at each season change earlier and become more in tune with it.

geekedout said...

I agree, though for me it's more a connection with the sky. Knowing what's up, where the moon and sun are, what time things I want to look at will rise. It's a pretty neat attachment to the seasons. Though my travel and mountain work keeps my body horribly out of touch with the actual weather.