Saturday, December 13, 2008

My Special Lady Liz Dembski


Yes I took this picture because I like her butt. 

Liz is my girlfriend, and she is  good woman. She treats me well, is kind to all, sexy, social,  and super smart. We yell, argue, and go back and forth, but it rarely crosses the line into the realm of ugly, and when it does, we are quick to apologize and resolve the issue. Today, she helped me by calling insurance companies, the hospital, etc. to straighten out a healthcare bill that is retarded (healthcare is totally fucked man), something that I HATE to do, and makes me very very angry. She pretty much saved me like $500 today. Anyway, here is to you love, you are great, and I appreciate the times we’ve had, and the promise of more to come.

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geekedout said...

aww..... *blush* ;)

Anonymous said...

We love her too!!!!! Alicia