Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Thanksgiving – 2008!




I really like this picture set. I love eating turkey at Thanksgiving, and stuffing inside the bird, oh my! However, there really is something kind of gruesome about carving of flesh from bone. But what good flesh it is, yum!

Liz’s mom, Ann is a kick ass chef, and knows how to time it and everything. I watched in awe as she pulled the whole show off without even breaking a sweat. Here’s to you Ann. I made mashed potatoes, which I have now reworked into something I consider more reflective of my meager culinary skills. Katrina and Matt made the trip up from Santa Cruz, which was very fortunate or else we would have never gotten to enjoy her wonderful and amazing sweet potatoes (or yams I can' never remember). They really were the hit dish of the evening. Grandma recipes, you gotta love them.  We drank some good wines and even had some tequila during the cooking of everything.

There really is something about a day that could really be reduced to Thanks for Food Day! I love food, so I love Thanksgiving. I think it is way better than Christmas. Far less commercial (unless you count food, rather pay farmers though), far less obligatory, and far less religious.

Anyway, here’s to you turkey, I appreciate your sacrifice for our tradition.

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