Thursday, December 04, 2008

JMG et al

People often ask me if I’m a Junior, being that I have the same first name as my Dad. I have always felt a certain sense of identity in having my father’s father’s name, Agustin as my middle name, rather than being a Junior with Mark. Not that I have anything against Mark, it is a fine middle name, I’m just happy that I have my own. Dad-bw_lite

This is my Dad, Jesse Mark Guzman. He and his family (as I said before) came out to visit me. It was really great to have them all here. I hope they have a better sense of the kind of life I lead, and that I’m not too unbearable of a hippy.  The two in the back are Donnellan, age 9, on the left, and Lonigan, age 7, on the right. In the lower picture Alicia, age 10, is the young lady on the left. Meg was also here, but I couldn’t get her picture without being sneaky, and I like to respect people’s photo wishes. I’m not in the business in capturing souls that don’t wish to be caught.

The Guzman clan got to hang out for most of the week. During the work week we met up most evenings for dinner at some places in San Francisco. The trip culminated with everyone coming over for Thanksgiving at the Dembski’s place. I hope that they all had a good time being out here, and feel like they could return anytime. It is always interesting being around kin. 

 Me and the Kids_lite


Liz said...

They're little cuties! You look really happy - I'm glad you got to spend some time with your Dad and his family.

Anonymous said...

Interesting. Mom

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