Monday, October 06, 2008

Things Are Getting Dirty

October is the month for getting down and dirty. In one corner we have Sarah Palin- taking shots at Obama's knee caps (here), she's apearantly White House Guard Dog elect. On the other hand we have Rolling Stone questioning McCain's military record in this article. Personally, I think both of them are reaching, and they've managed to tear up the bushes, pull up all the sod, and now they've finally made it down to the mud. 

UPDATE: Link- looks like they've completely abandoned even the pretense of truth. 


Matt Fate said...

I find it bitterly ironic how everyone claims to hate the negative ad campaigns, yet go on to believe the claims and get swayed by Swift Boat-esque propaganda.

Its called rational information filtering, people! I mean, seriously. Our brains can do it phenomenally well, the general populace just needs to turn on their common sense module - which unfortunately seems to have been systematically deconstructed by public education budget cuts combined with IQ-sucking commercials fed directly into their lives by one of the most effective propaganda machines around: TV.

Can't believe everything (anything) that you see on TV, the saying goes, right? But did you hear what they were saying about your favorite celebs on E! the other night?? And that commercial about how Obama is really a terrorist planning on blowing himself up the second he gets into the oval office? Like oh my god. It must be true because I heard that anti-christian dude Jesus of even made the explosive jacket for him. Its custom tailored Armani, by the way. Paris Hilton for President. Only she can sex the world leaders into peace and submission beneath America. How do I know, you ask? I saw it on a commercial sponsored by the Draft-dodgers-for-perpetual-war group, of course.

/sarcasm off

Matt Fate said...

In response to your Update:

We should hold our elected officials to the highest standards of honor, intellect, and truthfulness. It would appear that Palin and McCain (and 99% of the other washington career politicians) don't value or practice any of those fundamental and crucial ideals. Why why why why does no one hold them accountable?? It honestly makes me want to cry and ask.. where have all the good people gone?

Bottom line: if the republicans win the white house this election, I will take it as proof positive that America and her sheeple are beyond salvation and not worth saving anyways, and will seriously consider throwing my lot in with a more sensible and intelligent country.

In somewhere between 5 and 500 years (depending on who you talk to), Antarctica will have thawed enough to be a nice place to start a new utopian society...