Tuesday, October 14, 2008

BioRide2008: They Came, They Pillaged, They Went

Nick and his BioRide crew came through this weekend. Due to unfortunate automotive malfunctions, they didn't make it into the Bay until over 18-24hrs later than they had expected. We managed to hang out for a couple of hours, get the guys refueled on beer, quality hot food, and some needed rest. Then the next day, after a hardy breakfast, we were off to Mill's College to get the hookup on some high quality used cooking oil. The holdup was mainly due to them feeding their truck, Doogie, some poor quality Jack in the Box oil. Gross stuff that had a very large percentage of fat still in the oil, which later clogged up the fuel system. Fluffy and I walked around while we waited for them to fuel up. 

Yes, I did get a bitching T-shirt that I plan to wear out. It was really great to see Nick, and his crew (minus the Portuguese jerk)  was totally awesome and nice to meet/greet. I am going to plan a winter trip to the mountains of Washington for some sexy skiing and quality Nick time.

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Lady said...

Don't forget to mention you got an awesome t-shirt!