Wednesday, October 29, 2008

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Want to read something to get your blood boiling? This article is about how Sara Palin will be the new Republican front-runner. When will these people get that politics shouldn't be about social issues like religion. The best part of this article is the comments below, for example: 

"Everyone of those blowhards is WRONG about her, you're spot on. Sarah's our girl, win or lose. And win or lose, we're going to turn the guns on the traitors, metaphoriclly speaking, of course"

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Matt Fate said...

That article actually made me smile... because hey, if she's the best the GOP has - their brightest upcoming star - then the Democrats will be in control for quite some time, cause I really don't think she has credibility or win potential any where but Podunk, B.F.E., population IQ 20-80.

Let the GOP pour their resources into her, their very own political Black Hole. =)