Thursday, October 16, 2008

Joe the Plummer

Anyone who listened to the debate last night knows about Joe the Plummer. He was an average dude to asked Obama a question about owning a business that makes more than $250,000. He represented the 'typical' American imagry invoked by John McCain in the debate last night. 

Here is the real story. 


The plot thickens!!! =)


Matt Fate said...

Joe will have to send a thank you card to whichever of McCain's campaign workers brought him to Senator McCain's attention for the IRS's newfound interest in him and his declining plumbing business and/or firing (now that its know he's not even a licensed plumber).

Its good to see that this GOP gimmick backfired, but its unfortunate that "average" Joe has to pay for it. I wonder if McCain asked his permission to use his name and plight to try to save his failing campaign. Probably not.

Jesse said...

Yeah that's pretty much what I was thinking. Wait, Republicans fucking the middle class business man?!? NOOOooo, never, don't say such blasphemous things!

Matt Fate said...

God gave the middle-class working man to the Republicans to use however they see fit (Genesis 4:20). Thats what stewardship means in biblical terms, right - exploitation? Same goes for the Earth and her myriad of flora/fauna.