Sunday, January 08, 2006

Went to SF on Saturday. Had a good time, and drove over to a friends bday party in Berkely. I was coming into town an hour or so before sunset so I decided to brave the campus and go up hill until I could get a view of the sunset over the city. I kept walking always trying to take the steepest route, until finally I got the shot I was looking for all day.

On Sunday I went for a little 20 miler to Davenport and back. It was good got to give the new cassette a good testing. I'm not sure what I think, probably needs to get tweeked.
A fully functional garden clock.
So this could have been a totally sweet pic, except that I had my fucking camera on 400ISO. I want to scream whenever I do this, geez.
Nice picture of the city. I had to shoot this betwen trees. So I climbed up this very steep hill just out front of LBNL (Lawrence Berkely Nat'l Lab). I was kinda worried cause I was by a chain link fense, and I'd hate to be mistaken for a terrorist.
So this is the picture I walked up onto Berkeley's Campus. I wanted to stop off on Treasure Island (left-center/bridge), but the turn off is tiny, with 50 mph cars behind you. I also thought I'd take the chance to appreciate zoooom.

Last rays of sunshine.

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geekedout said...

good pics. iso 400 does suck a bit, but it's better than smearing or dimness. i'd say you did fine.... who's party?