Saturday, January 28, 2006

I recently read, or rather listen to, George Orwell's Animal Farm. What a great book. I've never seen such a funny, thought provoking book which is so short! Allusions to everything from media to working class heroes. If anyone reading this hasn't read this book, you must go out and read it. It is about the rise and fall of socialism, and pertains to many things going on today in our own government.

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geekedout said...

orwell is amazing. very transparent. satirical in a very open way. it's weird that the parallels are never taught though. i remember reading it in middle school i think. it was eye opening but the discussion was retarted. actually, all of school was retarted come to think of it. i don't think i learned much from them until AP classes in highschool where they actually had you use things instead of just regurgitate. anyways, he's awesome.