Thursday, January 19, 2006

Ivestigative Blogging?


How fuckin cool! So could it be that the internet really has opened up a free-of-govt-regulation media format where issues like this can get some air-time? Doubtful, but here's to hoping! Watch for a new string of blogging lawsuits.

Also in the news: the DC cleanup. Can you believe that they are actually going to pass some lobbying legislation? I mean, we all know that whatever legislation the DO pass will be all show, no go, since it's unlikely they're gonna bite the hands that feed them, but at least the problem is being discussed, instead of just brushed under the dirty ass Washington rug. One thing I read in the paper today was that some Republican from Montana was trying to dump off his Abramoff (the lobbist who started this fiasco) on a Native American tribe in Montana. The tribe was like fuck you we don't want your dirty Washington whore payoff monies, we'd rather be poor. Props Natives, always gotta give them props! Also most Congress people are trying to dump off their dirty money on charities etc.


Liz said...

Is that REAL?? How can you know what to believe and what not to believe on the internet? I mean, I want to believe everything terrible I hear about the government, but can you just assume that it's correct?

Jesse said...

OK, good point: but don't you think that all of the media is contrived anyway. I mean what would you rather, some crap someone wrote on their blog, or some MSFONNBC crap some politican has stamped their approval on? I mean your blog from Tues. reminded me of this blog, in that was what was happening outside your window you were reporting, which otherwise would never have made it into any form of media.

Liz said...

I dunno. I'm reading that womans site and looking at her links.. cause if it's true, it's a big deal and it's NOT getting talked about anywhere else - which is one reason to be skeptical, but not necessarily discount it totally.

geekedout said...

just because something is important, doesn't mean it will be talked about here. like the idea that we went to war with iraq but found out that they did not have WMD, or chemical weapons, or were not linked to al queda and did not have any link to 911. but we're still at war. interesting fact - last poll i read said that 50% of the country thinks that iraq did have WMD and that they were involved with 911. 90% of the country thinks we should not be in the war if iraq didn't have these links. ok, just one little example. how often is that talked about? or about the budget that is half military spending. or about the tax system and what people really pay. of course the sources on the internet are not to be trusted, but i don't think that important things get talked about here. we care about paris hiltons ass and who brad pitt is fucking.