Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Dude Put Away the iPhone

This was from the NYTimes homepage today. Look at the politician behind and to the right of Obama. Look whats in his hand. Dude, seriously, it can wait like 5 minutes. I'm sure that Israel just bombed Iran or some shit, but seriously- 5 minutes isn't going to make much of a difference. This is why I love photojournalism- no changing that photo, it's there. By the way, Jeff and I think that it's either Al Gore or Steny Hoyer (majority leader House of Reps). Either way, tsk tsk gentleman- have some respect. 

Ok, so with all of these Anon. repsonces I had to say something. First thanks to whomever pointed out that it is Paul Pelosi, Nancy's husband. Also, yes, I didn't see the address, I live in California, which means it all got going at 8:30AM my time. I was listening to the entire thing on NPR, but was unable to view it as I was commuting at the time (ie on a train or on my bike). So, no I didn't see the inaguration, unfortuantly, work once again limited my lifestyle choices. 

Now, as a photographer, I have learned that there are times to take pictures, and times when you don't take pictures, because, well, it would be rude. I wouldn't go shoving my camera in a grieving widow's face to get a great picture of grief. Honestly, if it were me, and I were on the center stage, behind the soon to be president of the United States, at a historic moment like this...well I guess I'd put away my camera (especially a crappy cellphone camera), and just try to soak it up. I'd leave the photo taking to the professionals, the photographers all over the place who do amazing work- and leave my iPhone's whomping 2MPs in my pocket.


Liz Dembski said...

Not that I condone it, but maybe he's live blogging....?

Anonymous said...

If you watched the inauguration you would have seen that he was using his phone to take pictures.

Nick said...

Ha! "Anonymous" just told you off! You got dissed by a masked man.

Anonymous said...

The man is Paul Pelosi. Nancy's husband. A San Fransico business man.