Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Along the Bicycle Lines

It seems that bicycling as a form of transportation has been gaining some ground in Congress. There is a bicycle caucus in Congress that is 140+ members strong, and on going. They even approved a bit of that stimulus money to go into an employee rebate program, I don't have the details right now, but I think it's something like $30-40 a month rebate if you can prove you ride as your main form of transit. All of this is because of a guy a named, Earl Blumenauer. From the NYTimes article, Earl is defending bicyclist to the typical breaking the law/hogging the road criticism that comes from motorists: 

"Mr. Blumenauer brushes off this criticism. 'They are burning calories, not fossil fuel, they are taking up much less space, they are seeing the world at 10 miles per hour instead of 20 or 30,” he said. “And even though there are occasionally cranky or rude cyclists, they are no greater a percentage than cranky or rude motorists.' Plus, he added, 'they have really fought for their place on the asphalt.'"

Well said Mr. Congressman!

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