Saturday, January 03, 2009

Christmas Hike with Ma and Liz

My Mom, Liz, and I went for an evening hike after dinner on Christmas. The sun was low and setting and casted some very nice warm evening light on everything. What do you think about the ‘oil’ or ‘paint’ effect in the second image?


Original picture. From my daily Photoblog.

Picture with a high “threshold” (basically sets the “pixel” size, higher threshold means more “real” pixels per “shown” pixel) used to create an oil/painting feel. Does it work?

Panorama of Mt. Tam using something like four images. Look at the lower right corner of the mountain, there is a little sun dog rainbow.

Hosted by Flickr (legal thing)


geekedout said...

I've been really enjoying the artistic functions lately. I think the 50mm opened me up to the more abstract kinds of photos out there... It's really powerful when done right.

Liz said...

The effect doesn't really work for me. It just looks like it smeared the colors a bit and took out any detail. Oil paintings (the ones I like anyway) generally have a lot of texture giving them depth and a crispness to the edges even if the shapes aren't super detailed.