Monday, July 07, 2008

The Lost Coast - Numero Uno

Brian, Louisa, Sara, Liza and I went up to The Lost Coast, a stretch of the California coast where the 1 deviates from the coast for a section. The proper name is the Sinkyone Wilderness. It was an amazing campsite, top two spots are between Desolation Wilderness and this site. The parking lot was 0.4 mi from the campsite, so it was sorta a hybrid between backpacking and car camping. It was very easy access, and we were practically on the beach. The first day Bri and I got up early to take some pictures, we had some breakfast, paid the ranger, and got some water. We thought there wasn't any potable water, but there was at the ranger station (the girls found this out later). Luckily Henry, this nice guy there with his family, had a purifier that he let us borrow. Finally, as it was a day to celebrate we got drunk.

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