Wednesday, June 04, 2008


More flowers are on the way, also I might have gotten a descent sunset pic, but my computers are currently in a shall we say facelift process...

So yeah, I had a crazy weekend. Some of the details are still a little fuzzy, however, I think I have most of it straight. I went up to San Fran this weekend to attend a house warming party of my friend Lisa girlfriend of Matt Paul (both Burners). I swung by the Mission and picked up Sophia, and then headed over to near Golden Gate park where their apartment is located. People started filtering in, there was food and booze, and sick beats- good times all around. I had some great conversations with people, including an amazing comment by Sophia that I think about relationships in terms of what the different needs of the sexes are (like emotional vs. physical approval), and should not apply that metric to the whole thing because it really shouldn't be about needs period.

The party peaked around Midnight, and I had planned to stay the night there because of a wedding to go to on Sunday in the North Bay. So yeah, that's what I did I slept there...woke up the next a shower, breakfast, some new shoes for the wedding (forgot mine but these are suade!), and then hit the road to Richmond for the wedding.

I'm retarded and got it stuck in my head that the wedding was at 2, but it was actually at 1- I'm an ass. The funny thing was I got there for the receiving line, and could have played it off like I was there the whole time. However, those of you who know me understand that it was eating at my soul, and I had to confess. They weren't pissed though, both people are pretty chill, and had a really relaxed wedding. When I arrived, I found a couple of people I knew and started talking to them. One of them was this girl Bridgette who is now at grad school in Mississippi. Well, I found out that she had road the train basically from Santa Cruz, and was planning on doing the same to get home. I was going to SC down the 1 to catch the sunset on a beach, so I offered a ride which she gladly accepted. Unbeknown to me, she was basically drinking wine through a straw and ended up being 'that guy(girl)' at the wedding, you know the one who drank way too much. Yeah.

So fast-forward to the last hour or so of the wedding- she's really really drunk now, and appearantly her ex-boyfriend, Ryan, was also in attendance and she had some things that she needed to get off her chest. So, little Bridgette is sitting on a bench with Ryan, pretty much yelling at him, sloshing her glass of wine all over the place. The wedding party needed to vacate the premises by no later than 5:30, so I started trying to uh collect her by 5ish, to say goodbyes and whatnot. Well those two are still having an intense conversation (if you can call it that, it was pretty one way) so I kept waiting. Finally around 5:30 I enlisted the help of Jeff/Sara (the newlyweds) and managed to get her moving, and out to Ryan's (ex-bf) truck to get her bag and whatnot. Well, she started in on the guy again, so I sat in my car and read Harry Potter while keeping an eye on her. Finally, unable to take anymore (it was 6:30 by now), I said, "Ok so I think that you guys have gotten enough taken care of, how about we postpone this discussion to the phone at a later date?" and managed to get her into my car and outta there.

Within about 20 minutes she was completely passed out cold in my passenger's seat.

The weirdly funny thing was the way in which she passed out and decided(not) to position her legs was to sprawl them sideways across the car onto/into my lap. At first I was trying to just keep them out of the way of the gear stick and away from my crotchal region, however, she was determined to keep her foot precariously close to my reproductive machinery. I was just waiting for her knee to jerk and take me out, and possibly her with it, but luckily that never happened. Any weird stretching managed to occur in the opposite direction. So anyway, she's passed out, I drive over the Bay Bridge, through San Fran (again), and out to Pacifica down Hwy 1 to Santa Cruz.

She's clearly cold in her wedding garb, so I pull out my Man-Bear coat from the back seat where it tends to live, and cover her up. Cruise down the 1 as the sun is setting. She's still passed out by the time I get to La Honda/Pescadero (like 1hr-ish from SC- probably 2 hours from the wedding) when I stop to take pictures of the sunset. It was a pretty nice sunset with low clouds to catch some light (but no high ones unfortunately). I'm chillin, enjoying the sunset, when sure enough- she's alive! Comes out of the car in my Man-Bear coat looking all frazzeled. "All I remember is the end of the wedding and now I'm on the ocean wearing this amazing coat!" I then proceed to tell her about all of her debauchery at the wedding, of which she can't remember the last 30-40 minutes, anything from us getting into the car, or passing out sprawled all over the place. It was good laughs, I gotta say, and totally worth driving a drunk girl home.

All in all, I had a great time, meeting some great people, and feeling my soul refreshed at the fact that other people really do enjoy my particular brand of company. I will add in some funny pictures to give some visual aids to the story.

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geekedout said...

dude, sounds like one helluva weekend. do you need a weekend to recover from your weekend? i feel like i'm in need of a vacation....