Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Two Quotes

So I recently subscribed to http://aphotoeditor.com/ just to see what it is like for these guys and get more info...anyway there was a great quote about magazines here. I hate most magazines in general but this guy/girl summed it up well-

"I look forward to the day when magazines can return to serving their audience and not the newsstand. Until then you’re stuck with 109, free, biggest, hot, ultimate, travel, toys, secrets, great, perfect, best, sex, abs, weight-loss, getaway, new, insider, easy, delicious, shortcuts, paired with a celebrity you keep seeing over and over on the covers of magazines."

The second is from Anne Sweet whom I'm dying to meet in person:

"But I'm learning that worthwhile doesn't always mean easy." -Anne Sweet

That's some good shit there.

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anne said...

buddy, I appreciate the shout out. (and looking for the face-to-face meet, too!)