Tuesday, June 10, 2008

McCain Sucks

This guy seriously wants us to have a military-industrial complex forever!

"He promised a thorough review of the budgets of “every federal program, department, and agency,” the results of which would be posted on the Internet. During that review, he said, there would be a one-year pause in so-called “discretionary spending” increases, except military spending and veterans’ benefits."


Yeah I bet that means that he's going to bump up the spending on things like education and infrastructure and cut down the nearly 800 billion we spend on the military each year yeah? Same old shit...


Matt Fate said...

He also wants to change the constitution to legitimize the Presidential line item veto.

On the surface, that may seem like a good idea, allowing a responsible president to cut the earmarks tagged on to bills by spend-happy congressional members (<3 Alaska's $1M+ bridge to nowhere), but wouldn't it also shift a huge portion of congress's power over to the executive branch...?

Jesse said...

Yeah, didn't we learn what happens when you have a president who was never quizzed in high school politics on the term: checks and balances? the answer is b)a fucking good idea