Saturday, May 17, 2008

Hawaii - Evening 6

Rahul was kind enough to have a little 'Visitory' party at his place with lots of wonderful foods and company. There was an eclectic mix of scientists, military fellows, as well as a mixture of other peoples. All that I have to say is that I am officially a hippy. I don't really know when this happened but it definitely has. It kinda makes me sad for various reasons, mainly because I'm out of touch from the majority of society. Sigh*

40% more energy to get here

40% less energy to get here


rahul said...

it was cool having you. i think it was a fun time.

your hat stole the show, that and the malasadas.

DJ Fitz said...

Jesse, when were ever NOT a hippie???

Pix are great, looks like you're having a great time.