Saturday, May 17, 2008

Hawaii - Day 7

Today Carly and I met up with the epic Lizzard at her place of work on Coconut Island, aka Gilligan's Island- that's right- THE Gilligan's Island. It's now a marine sanctuary where marine biologists study the reef, life, etc. They have all of these crazy tanks with salt water flowing through them. The three of us went for an awesome snorkel over the reef and out to the edge where we could see the deep blue. Carly hasn't had much success with snorkeling (the whole breathing under water thing kinda freaks her out, which I totally can relate to, and I think most people understand this quick breathing reaction) so we broke her in nice and slow and built up her courage. By the end she was swimming like a pretty mermaid. On the way out to the edge, I saw my second Hawaiian EEL a red with yellowish creamy white stripes. He(she) was twisting him(her)self around in a hole in the reef, and I got to see his(her) pretty blue face. Lizzard got to see it, but Carly didn't which was appearantly a good thing as she was a little wigged out in general. I also managed to spot two beautiful Poon Fish (aka Aquaticus Poonicus), one white and one brown in marking, they were swimming out ahead of me, managing to elude my grasp, however, one even managed to do a rare mooning behavior, something usually only reserved for non-single men.

After the snorkin' we walked around the island, checked out the shārk (with a Steve Irwin "a") tank, and took the boat back across to Oahu. (Check out the epic Vog-volcanic fog equivalent).

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Liz said...

I'm epic, huh? excellent. so which was the brown and which the white poon fish? I can't seem to recall..

the shaaark pix came out great!!