Sunday, May 18, 2008

Hawaii - Day 8

Today we decided to get a bit of exercise followed by come chilling by the ocean. First we hit up the Moloki Lighthouse ridge. For some unknown reason there happened to be some rather daft whales who didn't get the memo that it was time to head to Alaska, but thanks for sticking around so we can see you flop up above the ocean. BEAUTIFUL! I couldn't capture because I don't have the huge man-cock-lens for my camera yet. Maybe someday I will grow in stature and have proper confidence about my equipment. However, you can see the surf they were kicking up in the lighthouse picture that is otherwise beautiful in color and contrast. Next, after lunch, we went to Sandys which typically has f-off smashing-your-face-into-sand waves, but was otherwise calm for the day. Again, I'd like to point out Carly's sexy skinny ass, specifically the fact that dudes were checking her out on the way into the surf, haha take that- PROOF!

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