Thursday, May 15, 2008

Hawaii Evening 2

So after diving, and having dinner with the fam I got to go hang out with Mom (Liz). Dad (Dave) went back with the fam to Honolulu. I also got to hang out with David and Angelica (whom I'm not so secretly in love with), they are awesome, and I really feel like they are both kindred spirits. These pictures are from Liz/David/Angelica's apartment in various places. After hanging out, Liz hooked me up super fat with a foot back massage, which was the most intense back massage I've ever had in my entire life. The balls of her feet dug into my lower back in ways I didn't think possible. I was whimpering and moaning so much that her downstairs neighbors MUST have though that we were having some amazing kinky raunchy intercourse. If only we were- I think she'd have been a bit louder =P

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Liz said...

I love that you're bringing the mom and dad bits into the blog.. cracks me up!