Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Women and Dog

So I see a lot of ladies running/walking with Dog. I think that the reason is rather obvious; for protection, right? Well, I've always wondered why there seems to be this difference in the dynamic of the relationship between Man and Dog vs. Woman and Dog, and I think that this is it. Women can look to Dog for protection when alone or feeling threatened, where Dog looks to Man for protection when feeling threatened. This is a huge responsibility for Dog to take when alone with Woman, so Dog gets stressed out and kinda pushy/bossy with Woman. However, I've also noticed a genuine affection that Dog gives Woman which is different from the affection Dog gives Man. Dog adores Man in the way that Catholics adore God- in a groveling kind of way out of respect and awe filled fear. Dog loves Woman because she trusts Dog. Interesting...

(PS. I just wanted to put a disclaimer on this whole commentary- I know this is a MASSIVE generalization. Any discussion of this nature is inherently a generalization and not true in many cases. I've definitely known many ladies who have a very healthy relationship w/ their pet, and I am NOT saying that the relationship I mention above is necessarily bad, however, Ceaser Milan may say that it is unhealthy for the pup.)

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Nick said...

Don't let ANYONE ever tell you that you can't Generalize the shit out of anything. It's fun to generalize, and as we all know, it pisses people off. If you wanted to put it another way, it makes people focus on the exceptions which, in fact, does the opposite of generalizing.

And that is why all jewish people are stingy with their money.