Thursday, October 18, 2007

Who's Behind It?


So Bhutto comes home, and people bomb killing hundreds. Ok.

Who is responsible for it?

Forget whoever claims responsibility in the next days/weeks/months/years, but who could be responsible?

Ok so obviously the first person that comes to mind is the current President Gen. Pervez Musharraf. However, you have to admit that you can't help take that logic chain to the next step being the rival of Musharraf- in order to make him look bad...or ...

Now the first one would have to seem like a bad idea, I mean how obvious is it to BOMB your rival? That's just like farting in the face of Democracy. I don't think Musharraf would do that...maybe I'm naive.

However, who is Musharraf's rival? Well Bhutto is, for one. Could she have done it? Well she did reportedly go back inside her armored vehicle 10 minutes before the shit hit the fan. But, again I don't feel like she would do that. I've listened to her speak, and it just doesn't seem like the kind of principles she is suggesting.

Ok so I'm left with no one. What I think is that it was a bunch of energy built up around the entire SITUATION that has developed there. The tension is so think that when someone so controversial as Bhutto comes home, it sets of sparks. People become crazed and bad things happen.

Why are things so volatile that region?

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