Tuesday, October 16, 2007

High Tech Mexico

I think a great way to deal with the ever growing China problem is the following:

a massive high tech manufacturing center in Mexico. Think about it, you spend the next 10 years working on the problem, sending people there from American companies, getting contractors, pumping money into the local University so you get good grads for cheap. You'd be keeping the money at least on the same continent. Eventually it will allow more leverage against China, because then you at least have the threat of pulling assets out of there. Hell I'd say start general manufacturing as well, textiles and whatnot. You can also argue to be doing something about the immigration problem (and maybe wrangle some gov't dollars for the project too). It could all be done as effectively as possible (public trans. infrastructure w/ the tech center) and really help the economy of Mexico to stabilize. Plus, we almost speak the same language- at least in comparison to the gulf that exists between Chinese and English. This could really be a good idea.

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geekedout said...

we're kind of doing that already, but mexico isn't as resource rich as china. and they work for more. but, if we developed it smartly, i totally agree with you. independence and green-ness. but what does it say that a few % of the nike advertising budget would eliminate the worst of their sweat-shop practices? or that a small percentage of the iraq war costs would do.... a lot. i think the best thing we could do would be to reduce the gap between rich and poor, but the powers that be seem to want the 3rd world model.